These are songs to sing #LikeMe on Sunday

5db7f80bfb3f657ce1931d06d6349816 - These are songs to sing #LikeMe on Sunday

Ketnetters, and their parents, the weekend is a good bet that the third installment of the #LikeMe, since the start of this afternoon is available in the, and the Teen app. Those who prefer to be in front of the television I have to wait until Sunday. The episode at around 10: 00, instead of 08.50 am) is broadcast on the result.
In the third episode, #AWKWARD pass to Caro and there a little, in order to register at the school. They did, however, make no sense to be Against the true spirit of the run. In the meantime try to the Right Amanda and the other girls to convince them of her good intentions.