Dj Frank is back on the streets

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Dj Frank will be the summer of 2019 and will not soon be forgotten. In an accident with an electric scooter ran up to the dj with a double fracture of the leg. A lot of operations are followed, and not until Thursday was the dj, the green-light for rehabilitation to begin. For several months it ran, Dj, Frank, with a ijzerwinkel around, and that’s not even funny. Nevertheless, it was Frank all the time at home, quietly, to die within a couple of weeks after the accident, he had been working as a dj. After yet another hospital visit, got the Frank on Thursday the green light for his rehab start. “Make your muscles, joints, … it has a six-month at all…10 miles, here i come,” laughs Frank is on Facebook. That’s 10 Miles you will make it possible to, nevertheless, as the viewer, are on a three-month period of time, the old one and your current physical condition, once again, jack, that would be very, very, very soon. But never say never….