Also, the Player Destadsbader to as a “GENIUS” by 2019

Also, the Player Destadsbader to as a "GENIUS" by 2019

Tourist LeMC will be performing at the tenth edition of the “GENIUS”. This is what he told you just when The ladies show on Radio 2. Not only is the Tourist LeMC, but also have seen a lot Destadsbader has been acting up for the live show on Thursday, February 6 at the Palace 12 agreed to do it. Tourist LeMC may be a GENIUS, scoring for the ” Hit of the year’ and ‘Urban’. During the past year, he has been on the use of the MIA for the “Urban”. John Destadsbader, was the big winner of the last edition, five MIA’s, where now, in the categories of ‘Folk’, ‘Pop’, and ‘Solo man’.

The line-up for the live performance of the “GENIUS” of 2019 is now complete. Nine of the nominated artists and bands will give the best of themselves on stage:
• Balthazar;
• The evening only;
• IBE;
• Laura Tesoro);
• If Frequencies;
• John Destadsbader;
• Tourist LeMC;
• A Pregnant Guy;
• Arno (Lifetime Achievement Award).
Tickets for the party are available for purchase through the or