UB40 come back to Roma

46d25ef3a9abe2a3d4567d46b9faa11f - UB40 come back to Roma

UB40 will be on Friday, april 24, to return to The Station. The dynamic performances of the English succesband be ” a trip down memory lane and a treat for fans of poppy reggae with hits such as ‘Food For Thought’, ‘One In Ten’, ‘Kingston Town’, ‘Cherry Oh Baby’, ‘(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You, “and, of course,” Red, Red Wine’.

UB40 was founded in 1978 and is the reference with its name, the “Unemployment Benefit Form 40, the form in which British unemployed people had to register in order to receive unemployment benefits to receive. After their first album “Signing Off” (1980), the band are continually writing in to the local BODY. Since then, led the group of eighteen, a studio and four live albums and got the band out of Birmingham, with more than fifty singles on the international charts. UB40 has received four Grammy nominations for Best Reggae album, and sold over seventy million albums.