PSV still 0-0 in the bekerduel with STOKE city

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PSV still 0-0 in the bekerduel with STOKE city

On January 23, 2020 at 18:28
23-01-20 at 18:28
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In TOTO, THE Cup, stand up Thursday night with two matches on the program: IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles (1-to-1) and NAC Breda-PSV eindhoven (at 20: 45 started). In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the happenings.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog. My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the DUTCH cup tonight.

  • THE cup
  • The eighth-finals
  • LIVE:
  • NAC Breda-PSV eindhoven 0-0
  • Results:
  • IJsselmeervogels-Go-Ahead, 1-To-1
  • The Go-Ahead to win after penalty shots (6 to 7)

IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 10-minute geledenHet time that the Hobie Verhulst is a heldenrol is claiming to have. At first, he stops three penalties, and then it shells to the keeper himself to be the decisive penalty in, that he Go Ahead Eagles to the quarter-finals of the KNVB-cup to do.

🏆 | Hobie Verhulst has been the hero of @GAEagles. The goalie stops three penalties and shooting the winning of it. Go Ahead bekert more!


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen21:21 – 23 January 2020NAC Breda-PSV · 12 hours ago

35′ In Breda, the netherlands have the NAC and PSV, after more than half an hour had still not arrived. The best chance for the home side, but Verschueren is touching the bar. Walter, the crisis is far from over, with the Locals playing a very difficult process.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 13 hours ago

Eagles only after a penalty shoot-out in a ‘Bird’
Go Ahead Eagles is a bit difficult in the quarter-finals of the KNVB-cup to be achieved. On a visit to IJsselmeervogels, the Saturday amateurs are at least equal. By Robbert Olijfveld is the first level of peace, even in the lead. Gino Bosz makes up to ten minutes prior to the time of the second half, after both teams failing to score throughout the rest of the game or overtime. In the penalty shoot-out will be Go Ahead the goalkeeper Hobie Verhulst’s life. The goalie stops three penalties and taken advantage of themselves to be the decisive.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 17 minutes ago isa hit! The goalkeeper Verhulst has been the focus of Go Ahead Eagles and shoot his team into the quarter-finals of the KNVB beker!IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 18 hours agodon’t Miss! Van Leijenhorst can see its use by Verhulst to be stopped. The keeper of the Go-Ahead is now behind the ball.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 18 minutes ago isa hit! Edqvist, remains Modern and quiet engines. 6-6IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 19 hours agodo not Touch! Akla moves remarkably calm inside, and also explains the push for the Go-Ahead. 6-5IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 20 minutes ago isa hit! Brummel is very close to it, but Eddahchouri rated yet. 5-5IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 20 minutes ago isa hit! Van Diermen, shoot, almost, the bar in half, but to his relief, the ball just hit it. 5-4 for IJsselmeervogels.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · about 21 minutes agodon’t Miss! Pouwels the press, and slams his penalty high over. It remains to 4-4.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 22 hours agodon’t Miss! Verhulst takes out the very fine, the penalty of Justiana, and will also help to raise the bar. Going to Go Ahead here and escape?IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 22 minutes agodo not Touch! We are going to continue for a while, because of Castle’s scores on behalf of the Eagles. 4-4IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 23 hours agodon’t Miss! The Chiller has the chance to be in this world anymore, but have been badly loaded at the same time free kick and it is stopped by the Masks. So We are going to continue for a while, or Brummel, there is still an end to it?IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 24 minutes ago isa hit! Will inform the party to the amateurs, even for a short while. 4-3IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 24 minutes ago isa hit! Keeper Brummel is now going to be behind the ball, and fails not. 4-2, IJsselmeervogels at the match point.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 25 minutes agodon’t Miss! Brummel picks up a commitment from Corboz, the stunt is getting closer! It remains to 3-2.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 26 minutes agodo not Touch! House in the country to shoot it hard and high to touch. 3-2IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 26 minutes agodo not Touch! Brummel is very close at hand, but the use of Bannink and disappears in the goal. 2-2IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 27 minutes agodo not Touch! Of the Latter the slide, controlled touch. 2-1IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 27 minutes agodo not Touch! Leaf, scored all of the regular play time and will do it on the spot. 1-1IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 28 minutes agodo not Touch! IJsselmeervogels will start, and will see el Azzouti tap to shoot. 1-0 to the Birds.NAC Breda-PSV · 33 minutes and geleden14′ Bar STOKE! Verschueren, with an unmistakable warning sign for PSV eindhoven. The attempt by the NAC has been by far and is surprised by Unnerstall in full. Unfortunately, for many, Breda, spat out the ball on to the bar apart.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 33 minutes ago, theEnd of the extension! It will be indeed a penalty shoot-out at the Stadium, The Westmaat. IJsselmeervogels has time to be a publicity stunt, or show-Go-Ahead yet?NAC Breda-PSV · 39 minutes geleden8′ Ihattaren will have the first chance of the game. The seventeen-year-old midfielder could be free to lash out and to a corner to be taken. PSV eindhoven push NAC in the opening stages as far back as possible.NAC Breda-PSV · 44 minutes ago

Interim coach Ernest Faber, in advance of the game, still laughing. It may be the temporary coach of the Locals, later on tonight also?NAC Breda-PSV-four hours ago, toKick-off! While IJsselmeervogels and Go Ahead Eagles in the second half of the extension to begin with, there is also the potential at the Rat Verlegh Stadion. PSV have to have a rampseizoen trying to make it in the league cup, to start with, it is always difficult uitduel with STOKE city.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · one hour ago

Coach Gert Kruys is in his IJsselmeervogels have the opportunity to be a stunt itself. As for the Saturday amateurs have a quarter of an hour, can not stand against, Go Ahead, forcing a penalty shoot-out and will, of course, all of that to happen.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · one hour ago

The teams in the first half of the extension will not score a goal. IJsselmeervogels and Go Ahead Eagles have still fifteen minutes to the penalty shoot-out to occur.NAC Breda-PSV · – one hour ago

Because of STOKE after the resignation of the Faculty of the Bread at the end of december, still no new coach has been found, it has Willem as: Weijs, the tonight show, at the Bredanaars. If STOKE tonight and PSV out of the cup of punch, just try to imagine that: Weijs, suddenly, one of the prominent candidates to take the season off in the southern city.NAC Breda-PSV · one-hour geledenTerwijl in Spakenburg (nl) is still in progress, is the extension going to the race in Breda, the netherlands almost from the start. The warm-up is almost complete, and about a quarter of an hour there is potential for NAC-PSV eindhoven.

“This is it! 👏👏👏


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen20:30 pm – January 23, 2020IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · one-hour geleden94′ Post Go Ahead Eagles! Go Ahead, don’t want to be on penalty’s to arrive and drives on the road with the release of hit. Pouwels, there is a very close range, but it increases in a low cross from Bannink, to be on the pole in the ground and then the ball is back in the jumps.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles-four hours ago, toExtend! In normal time, there will be no winner between IJsselmeervogels and Go Ahead Eagles. The Saturday amateurs are allowed a moment to dream of the quarter-finals where they are by Robbert Olijfveld in the lead, but ten minutes before the time now, Gino Bosz for the second half. An extension of the contract, or, alternatively, a penaltyreeks, will have to decide who advances to the last eight.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · one-hour geleden90+1 ” is a Country thinks about IJsselmeervogels would have had the chance to be heads, but his header is right next to the wrong side of the road. It seems that there is an extension, not to be.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · one-hour geleden86′ IJsselmeervogels claims for a penalty when Sanny Monteiro at the bottom is pulled out. The referee, Bax wants nothing to do with it, to the great anger of the hometown audience.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles-four hours ago,79′ GOAL-Go Ahead Eagles! 1-to-1

If it isn’t, this attack will need to be from a distance. Something like this needs to Gino Bosz is thought to have just before he was brilliantly shot, from a distance of 25. The ball is going to collapse, and behind This Brummel magnificently into the goal, and, therefore, it is the same.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours ago

67: “The time is running out to Go Ahead Eagles, but we’re already halfway through the second half. The team from Deventer is 1-0 behind against IJsselmeervogels, and has a great work opportunity, but also because of the players, the team is full of fight, and to fight for every meter. It’s been a real bekerclash in the same way.NAC Breda-PSV · 2 hours ago

Can, NAC NAC, PSV is the last chance to win a prize, namely, to deny it? The number five is in the Kitchen Champion of a Division does not seem to be much of a chance, but the PSV isn’t in good, and there have been gekkere things that have happened in the cup. The team from Breda to start with this lineup:

Preparation: NAC: Olij; Schouten, Riera, Van Hecke, Van Anholt; Verschueren, I., Ilic, ” El Allouchi, L., Ilic; Dogan, Boussaid.NAC Breda-PSV · 2 hours ago

The European switch-off and far behind in the league, the KNVB cup, and the last chance for the BACKLINE to silverware this season. The Locals are first in the eighth-finals to see off the charge with a provinciegenoot STOKE city. Of these, eleven are on behalf of a PSV player on the kick-off, at the Rat Verlegh Stadion.

Preparation of PSV: Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Baumgartl, Viergever; Rosario, Thomas Hendrix; Ihattaren, Bergwijn, Bruma.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours ago –50′ GOAL IJsselmeervogels! 1-0

By car, The Westmaat blows up, because it is IJsselmeervogels, that the lead comes out. Believes Olijfveld treasure for a long ball with the best in and slide it in. Here Is a huge publicity stunt on the Saturday amateurs are in the making?IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours ago

46′ The match at the Stadium, The Westmaat it is restarted, you can Go Ahead in the second half, and the wall of the IJsselmeervogels a wall to overcome?IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! The first half between IJsselmeervogels and Go Ahead Eagles will bring in little kids. The visitors Devener as expected, the majority of possesion and the most chances, but it really is a lot of trouble for the home team to win is not to stay alive. The team search for a 0-0 in the dressing.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours geledenDonny of the Stream, reached yesterday, with Ajax and all of the quarter-finals of the KNVB beker, and comes tonight to take a look at the club where his dad once played for.

👀 | Spotted! Donny van de Beek, his father, André, in the past, with @VVIJV the rush was about.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen18:50 pm – January 23, 2020IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours ago

Midway through the first half to keep the amateurs are still in a good position in a quiet Champion of a Division club. IJsselmeervogels is given provisionally to be even with the better odds, but it has not yet arrived.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours geledenEn the pep talk before the race will not be close to IJsselmeervogels. Very nice to see!!!

🗯️ | Straight talk-during the pep talk from @VVIJV-team manager, Tom van Diermen!


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen18:33 – the 23rd of January, 2020IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours ago

At the most it will be tonight, not in Spakenburg (nl). After a quarter of play it was still 0-0 at IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours geleden6′ is A great opportunity for a Go-Ahead Ealges in order for the score to open, but the cursor is Alexander Bannink is stirred by the Bird-net, Stef Brummel.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours ago –1 of:’ We are on our way! To see the IJsselmeervogels is still an amateurclub, back in the quarter-finals or later of Go Ahead Eagles will not be surprised?IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagles · 3 hours geledenDe players are on the field and in Spakenburg (nl). We are going to begin almost at the first bekerduel on Thursday.IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagels · 4 hours ago

Layouts! We’ve got two more matches on the show in the cup. At 18: 30 is going to get the ball rolling for IJsselmeervogels-Go Ahead Eagels. Here are the line-ups:

IJsselmeervogels: Brummel, Justiana, Van Leijenhorst, Van Diermen, a Country, The Harder, Nejmi, Van Riel, Van de Laar, Olijfveld, El Azzouti.

Go Ahead Eagles: Verhulst, Will, Leaf, Field Mate, Castle, Corboz, Bannink, Blacks, Navratil, Rabillard, Berden.Back to top

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