Distrust of major in the Expedition Robinson

Distrust of major in the Expedition Robinson

Tonight, you FOUR, look at the new season of Expedition Robinson. The time-honored struggle between france and the Netherlands, after a long time of re-energized. In the face of everyone, then everything in the first meeting, behind-the-back, they are radically for one’s own country. “They were overenthousiast, and I do not trust the people who they are,” says the Flemish mental health nurse, Liesbet, about the Dutch competition. ‘They’re Belgians… if you can do it, moven with the children. ” let Elroy be clearly heard and understood. But it is the light of hostility, however, to have been made after the news of what the final will look like?

Everyone is looking for the role, the debates and discussions that can be started and it will quickly become clear who are the leaders, workers and followers at a time. It is the first game in a long time to come. The 16 candidates will be up to the neck, burrowed for the first test. No one wants to be at this stage already have to lose weight or is his head too deep in the sand.

There is already a lot at stake it’s not the only win for the team of the island and it is the best survivalkit but it’s also the only one vuurstick. For one camp, it would be hard. No vuurstick, limited, survivalkit, a reduction in morale due to the loss of the first test, and not everyone can do it so good how to handle it. Are they really ready for this mind-blowing ordeal of the 32 days? The tone was set!

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