Bald contestant catches a bot in a year

Bald contestant catches a bot in a year

On Thursday, the 23rd of January, receive, Cath Luyten, in a new episode of the ” Today, in the year, some of the ordinary people that in one year’s time, something special would happen. The 30-year-old Jessica from Beringen has alopecia and wants to finally be in a committed relationship. Wheelchair access, Pascal (38) and by (41), from Deinze to want to have their own play, writing, and performing. The 23-year-old Property from Neerpelt to have her depression as well as anxiety handle and happy in their lives. And, Bart, (50 of As) wants to break into the biggest, the oldest and largest cross-country ski race in the world, in spite of his cancer.

A participant in the spotlight: Jessica (30) days from Beringen: “Today, over a year, I would like a partner to have.”
“Nothing is easier than a bare-bones mate? Never get a hair in your food.
After the divorce of her parents, and began Jumping from one to the other, the hair loss. In no time at all she was completely bare. The verdict: the haarziekte alopecia. It was the beginning of a difficult youth, in which Jessica was often picked on. Only on the 25th, it is a disease and can embrace it, and for the past two years, they are regularly out of the house without a wig. In one place, she experiences many difficulties in the field of relationships. It is up to her to make it very difficult to find a man who can’t be put off by her boldness. But Jessica is determined to be for a year at the datingmarkt a deposit in the hope to find a partner who is able to deal with her like a cup.

Twelve months later he is Jumping without a partner to Cath Luyten on the seat. She liked the word and looked at all sorts of ways to get in touch with the singles, but the prince on the white horse it was not. And it’s bald for most of is sitting, she noticed the number of comments on the photos that they’ve shared. A lot of positive feedback when she is a wig wearing, only just beginning to be interested if they were bald it was. A bitter pill to take for Jessica to have to swallow it, but she does not give up on it. Once she will that man have to come across.
“It was a frustrating year, but I emerged stronger.”

Pascal (38) and by (41) from Deinze, – “to-day, in the year, we want to be in our own play to perform.”
“The rush you get when you’re behind the curtain, wait for it, a lot of people, it is beyond belief.” Pascal
Pascal and Stefan got to know each other at their residential facility, and quickly became the best of friends. They are two peas in a pod who have a passion for sharing: the theater. They have both been able to have a taste of the podium, but to dream out loud of things: the ability to write and perform their own show. They already have a room booked, but as for the rest, they are never just a story, it’s still no director, still nothing.