These are the stars of the new ” The Sky Is The Limit!

These are the stars of the new " The Sky Is The Limit!

The Sky Is The Limit, and the award-winning docureality of Peter, Boeckx, about the empires of Belgium the earth, from the 29th of January to re-start. Boeckx follows in the footsteps of the rich and infamous, wealthy Belgians who love the wide night. But what is driving them? Where are their dreams made of? And what are they like? It makes me happy?
Peter, Boeckx return this season, is back with a new face. From zero to hero. Hard working people who are on their own, and sometimes even serious in the face of adversity in the past.
This was an earlier case of a young Player is bankrupt, received a Frederick, with teelbalkanker to pay, and had to Romy in her life, too old to eat, and had been the cause of the family is Developing a problem with flooding. But then, everyone fought back, and the crop is now more successful than ever before.

Here are the six new faces
Frederik Laeremans, a 32-year – Kempen
Guy Penders, a 53-year – Dubai
Seka Dobric, and the Christian Lemable, Con
Romy Biscop, the 37-year – Wiekevorst
Family Of The Martens, Aarschot
John Lagrange, a 28-year – Pelt

The Sky Is The Limit, from January 29 to 20u35 FOUR