Sprint’s early lead against Heracles in the DUTCH cup

d1d08733a03934947c9a4fc6c7444bba - Sprint's early lead against Heracles in the DUTCH cup

Sprint’s early lead against Heracles in the DUTCH cup

January 22, 2020 18:08
22-01-20 at 18:08
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In TOTO, THE cup alone Wednesday night, three men at the front, and in this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the happenings.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on it TILL THE Cup. My name is Jeroen, Bijma, and I love you for the next few hours, at the height of the games that are on tonight on the program, in the eight-finals.

Current situation:

  • Heracles-Vitesse 0-1


  • Ajax-Spakenburg (20: 45)
  • sc Heerenveen-Willem II 20: 45)

THE cup · the 4-minute geleden40′ We’ll be coming to the rest of the level is dropping to the same level. Heracles and Vitesse does not have a real one. There is much to enjoy in both ways.THE cup · is a 9-minute geledenDe players from Spakenburg (nl) are preparing the bus to relax in front of the match of their lives against Ajax. It is quite a game of old-fashioned tables.

The players in Spakenburg (nl) tables in the bus on the way to the Arena for the cup match against Ajax. #ajaspa


AuteurRTV UtrechtMoment of plaatsen19:01 am – January 22nd, 2020KNVB cup · 13-minute geleden29 ” Since it is United for the first time, in a proactive way. Osman will be the period of time in order to get away from the edge of the penalty area, but his effort is well over the mark.THE cup of · an 18-minute geleden25′ Short-long time with nothing to worry about, from a domestic United. The visitors mostly have the ball and look for the 0 to 2.THE cup · 22 hours ago

The players Sprint to celebrate in the 0 to 1 against Heracles.THE cup · is a 24-minute geleden16′ Oh, a break for a Short. Tannane is on the floor, and it doesn’t seem to be able to do. He thrust his hand in front of his goal for a while now, according to his hamstring. Dicko is running hot.KNVB beker · 31 minutes ago,11 and a GOAL Short! From 0 to 1

On the other hand, tap for Short. Tannane to see his free-kick just behind the beat the keeper and Brewer, who is definitely not considered to are going to disappear.THE cup · is 35 minutes geleden6 ” The first achievement of the game is that of Speed. Tannane to shoot from a great distance, in the zijnet.THE cup is · a 42-minute geleden1′ get The ball rolling for Heracles-Vitesse!THE cup is one-hour geledenDe of the players of United and Sprint to enter the field. The Inheritance of Asito, it is still eerily empty, but for the spectators who have to stand outside and have a few minutes to kick-off.THE mug is one from a day ago

Heracles and Vitesse, there were four years ago even though the opposite of each other in the KNVB cup. United won after a heated battle, 4-1. Vitesse were in the ninetieth minute on a 0 to 1-gap, but it was by only eight men (and no fewer than three players finished in the red) is not able to stand and work in the stoppage time of the 1-1 and then United on the road simply ended at 4-1.THE cup is one-hour geledenDe arrangement of the Supports. Patrick Vroegh, is the replacement of the Navarone Foor, who, because of injury, has no place in the clash.

1⃣1⃣ of Vites!
Patrick Vroegh, replaces the injured Navarone Foor, who is missing from the selection
Come on, come on, boys! 🔥
#Sprint #hervit


AuteurVitesseMoment of plaatsen17:36 on January 22nd, 2020KNVB-cup, one-hour geledenDe lineup from Heracles Almelo. Jeff Hardeveld is on the left in the back of the end of the Atalanta departed, Lennart Czyborra and Michael Brewer to get under the bar, as usual, in the league cup in preference to Janis Blaswich, who, due to his new fatherhood is also missing from the clash.

⚫️⚪️ XI
How️ Jeff Hardeveld’s in the rear
How️ Michael Brewer notched, as always, in the cup
How️ brand-new father, Janis Blaswich is missing from the selection


AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen17:31 am – January 22, 2020KNVB cup one hour ago

Here, in the Inheritance of Asito begins Heracles Almelo-Vitesse is at 18: 30 for a great night out at the TOTE BOARD Cup.THE cup · 3 hours ago

Lammers, could return against STOKE
Sam, Lammers, may, on Thursday, the away game against NAC Breda was in the eighth-finals of the TOTO, THE cup is back at PSV. The rush hour was after half a year of injuries for the first time to be included in the clash of the Locals. Lammers went on to the start of the season in a duel with Ajax for the Johan Cruijff Scale to be a serious knee injury and had to then have surgery.Back to top

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