S-Media-launches-Flemish Netflix

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The natural world is changing at breakneck speed, the world of television and video are subject to rapid change, and also the BATCH of Media is changing at a fast pace with them. S Media the Media will follow for the viewer and the roll, therefore, is a new videostrategie out. The new strategy is based on the construction of the two digital platforms, and the enhancement of the linear range. Front and center is a significant investment in the creative and Flemish content, which can be as wide as possible will be provided. In digital form via the VTM-GO, and this year, we are on a new pay streamingplatform, the so-called Flemish Netflix. Linear, that is, we have invested in a second-VTM channel.

The VTM has over the past 7 years, as a punishment of course made and it has a special connection with the viewers in the region. VTM is now being expanded with the launch of a second-VTM channel, with a mix of local and international programs. Later, more will be known about the timing and the scheduling.

Dirk Lodewyckx, director-general of TELEVISION, radio and streaming, “We will build on the unique bond that the VTM has and the viewers are in Flanders, it is not only linear, but also in a digital story. In addition to the investments in the straight line, we will build further on our success, VTM-GO platform, and we will start with a paid streamingplatform. Dutch, creative content is the key. For the viewer, that is, our program director, deciding what content, when and where and with what comfort he wants to see you.”

S Media the Media will continue to invest in the digital transformation of its broadcasting activities. It’s a free platform, VTM-GO has been a huge success: more than 500,000 active viewers, generating more than 11.5 million views per month. The program’s second-VTM channel, will also be there to see it. In addition, S Media in the development of a streamingplatform by a paid digital offerings on the domestic and foreign series and films, and the so-called Flemish Netflix. It will be a lot of exclusive content to be displayed, and with the fiction as the main genre. This way, it is certain that one day in The company of john Bright, on the platform, it will be.