Danny Fabry covers mega-hit ‘Moviestar’ by Harpo

2ce87cfe0c6305f547d753d1b122a603 - Danny Fabry covers mega-hit 'Moviestar' by Harpo

Danny Fabry, nearly 50 years on the stage. The native Belgian and a native of Scherpenheuvel is known for its ambiancevolle, energetic performances, and always a positive attitude, but now it makes the kind of singer are still some serious concerns about his health. The sudden death of a co-worker and good friend, Paul Severs to cut it heavily with Danny’s, and then there are recently found a spot on his lung was found, struck terror very far. The spot would, after an initial investigation, are not malicious, but at the moment it should be Danny, or heavy-duty medication to take. Within a few weeks of a new research and the development of viewing and deciding to proceed.

Even though Danny is naturally an optimist, it will still have many hours of sleep taken, and he runs for the past few weeks, with an “uneasy feeling” about the, he admits. Fortunately, there is still the music and what the cure is better than the release of a new single for the sure to be forgotten? With “Moviestar” has Danny Fabry is an attractive, Dutch-language adaptation of the same-named hit single of Swedish singer Harpo (1975). We want to wish Danny, there are already a lot of luck with it and keep our fingers crossed for good news on his health is concerned!