VRT doekt the website and Canvas on the

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For the thousands of visitors that daily visit to the brought to see recently that surprised. no more, and the web site has links to the
“You have to see it to is now included as part of the VRT right NOW, it’s free kijkplatform of the VRT. Click here to view all of our programs, whenever and wherever you want. Using the convenient search function on the A-Z list or the tv guide, you will find it easy” to read, in a brief statement.

The removal of the site from the Canvas, we think it is a strange decision by the national broadcasting company. Perhaps this is a decision that is, especially with the budgets and the cost savings to do with it. “The the Canvas of the pages on the VRTNU were just in the middle. That’s the only reason why we are now obsessed straight forward, to the VRTNU,” said the spokesman, Hans Van at a local Newspaper.