Louis Flion as jodelkampioen to Andorra?

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In exactly 2 weeks, on Monday, the 3rd of February, to the south, the latest in partyfenomeen Louis Flion in the direction of Andorra, and for 3 gigs. He will be there, along with the o for a while.a. Bart Kaëll, Sam Gooris, and Partyfriex the roof blow off during a Snowbreak, which is the largest apresski festival. To have been in the mood to get popped and Louis, to the studio for his third partyknaller ‘Jodelkampioen’.

In Flanders, a new partyfenomeen rich, we don’t have it under the chairs or benches to put. After shots rang in the air Footstool Device’ and ‘Full of Alcohol’ is Louis Flion of his path, in his well-known manner. Party in the F Flion! And the list of singles, may, Louis,, since today is also Jodelkampioen ” to add to it. As a very catchy EDM/feestnummer that is, from the first, he no doubt continues to hang on!