He is getting ready for another tour

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He has, over the last few weeks on tv a lot of people from the socks to the side. Well-known and less-known in Flanders, had, especially, with the question: “How do you do that?”. From February He is in the direction of theatre with a new production of ‘Decipiatur’. Note: this is “Real”, his second theater production.

It’s going to be a show in which he appears as a tip of the veil of light, and even explain to you around the garden and leads up to you, but you still stunned to be hit. It will be amazing acts, and that you are not only not explained, but which you firmly believe is that there is absolutely no explanation to be found. No bells, no whistles, no smoke screens, no double bottoms, just James: great in its simplicity, unparalleled in its field.