Guy Mampaey sudden death

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In the world of Showbiz Site, heard of Monday morning, the sad news is that the Guy Mampaey has died. A lot of people will be, Guy didn’t know, he has a lot of meaning to the media.

For more than 20 years ago, we got to Guy is know to be the webmaster of web sites like mediacorner tv in the corner. In that site, you could go all-in on the 20th century tv schedule, tv channels, please consult us. In fact, you could already sign up for a free newsletter, which contains the schedules of the stations that you prefer enjoyed have been mentioned.
Later on, Guy, among others, the webmaster of the, and a lot of other web sites to create or maintain. Guy has also been involved in a number of online platforms which are linked to television programs. A lot of people in the media are shocked as now the Guy all of a sudden no longer there. This past weekend it died the Guy, he was two weeks ago at 47. Guy, we’re going to you, miss, for sure.

The strength of the family and friends of that Guy….