A Lil’ Small-proclaimed Dom Bontje

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A Lil’ Small-proclaimed Dom Bontje

20 January, 2020 19:42
20-01-20 at 19:42
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A Lil’ Small size, it is Monday, it voted to “Dom Bontje’ is the annual prize offered by the Fur of Animals that is given to celebrities who have a fur to wear.

The 25-year-old rapper received a lot more votes than the other two nominees, rapper, Villain, and singer Gerard Joling.

Moranni to a Shop, the campaign manager of the Fur of Animals, call a Lil’ Small-a worthy winner: “a Lil’ Small-it is even nominated for Dom Bontje. He had, therefore, better able to know, however, continued even after his nomination for the fur to wear it”.