20/20 for the john Smith will be in 2020 !

20/20 for the john Smith will be in 2020 !

It’s not just for john Smith. Yesterday it was once again a ” john Smith Deluxe gig in a put up for sale. The concert, on Tuesday, may 12, will be held, making it the twentieth in the series.

In the run-up to its 60th birthday, started out, Bart, what he is, the concerts are described as his ‘Arena’ period. It is where the first goal was to get a couple of larger concerts (and Bart, and are Ideal for Men, was the only full-length shows put on in theatres and in theatres), it appeared that the enthusiasm of the audience of such a nature as to be, in each case, additional concerts have been added to it. This led to three more or less defined concertperiodes of four concerts at the end of november, at eleven of the concerts in January and has five concerts in the first half of the month of may.

Analysis of ticket sales shows that attending a concert is contagious. The visitors were full of praise for what Bart and his band along with special guest, Ronny Mosuse, and more than 500 members of the Deluxe choir at present. Overall, the concert becommentariëerd as ” all in the balance: the intimate songs fit seamlessly into a festive sing-one moment in time affects the feel of the roof of the Lotto-Arena, and in the next moment are going to the same roof at the same time. No limit, 15 times, has already turned in a full arena and in a good mood to go home, the next day, full of energy and life into the eyes.

The fact that it is not only the musicians but also technicians for sound, lighting and video, as a lot of additional concerts that may be running, make sure that each and every show is even better than the previous one. The success of a show lies in the details, and that is in all of the disciplines up in the perfect items. It makes the concert experience of the visitors constantly increased, so that the visitor puts on a passionate ambassador for. So, new people are the additional concerts coming to see, which in their turn … It’s like a pyramid scheme.