The idea of a LeBron James, a new, SIX

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In the Us the show’s Million Dollar Mile, the candidates have to pass through an obstacle course to get in as they are chased by a professional athlete. The athletes are trying to get participants to make it to the finish line to pick up. Those who get in the way of a successful, win the prize money of a whopping one million dollars.

In the course of the show, walking through the streets of Los Angeles and is made up of 6 levels. When a candidate has to have a barrier over affected b their prize money of 10.000 to $ 1,000,000.

The executive producer of the show is the American basketball player LeBron James. Also, the host of the show, is no stranger to the sports world, Tim Tebow is an American professional baseball player and former American footballspeler. The pulse-pounding race is also provided with the necessary review by Matt “Money” Smith and Mary Taylor. Smith is an American sports reporter, and Mary Taylor, an analyst and presenter for the American sportnetwerken ESPN and the SEC Network.

Million Dollar a Mile , every Monday, in order to 20u35 SIX.