Responses to the nineteenth round League (closed)

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Responses to the nineteenth round League (closed)

January 19, 2020 at 11:55
19-01-20 11:55 pm
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On this particular Sunday, there were four matches in the Premier league on the programme. VVV-Venlo-PSV (1-1) Ajax-Sparta (2-1), FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands (1-0) and-ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk (2-0).

  • Premier league
  • The results
  • VVV-Venlo-PSV eindhoven 1-to-1
  • Ajax-Sparta Rotterdam, 2-1
  • FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo 1-0
  • ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk (nl) 2-0

Club · 5 minutes ago

This is the position in the League after round 19:

  1. Ajax’s 19-47 (60-17)
  2. A-Z 19-41 (40-14)
  3. William II, 19 and36 (30-23)
  4. PSV’s 19-to 35 (43-24)
  5. We’re going to 19-34 (35-28)
  6. Short-19-33 (35-25)
  7. FC Utrecht-19-30 (36-28)
  8. sc Heerenveen) 19-28 (30-25)
  9. Heracles Almelo-19-26 (31-27)
  10. FC Groningen-19-26 (21-18)
  11. Sparta Rotterdam-19-23 (28-32)
  12. FC Emmen 19-21 (21-34)
  13. FC Twente’s 19-20 (26-37)
  14. Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands 19 Of19 (24-45)
  15. PEC Zwolle 19-17 (28-45)
  16. ADO Den Haag 19-16 (21-37)
  17. VVV-Venlo-19-16 (18-45)
  18. RKC Waalwijk (nl) 19-11 (22-45)

Club · 10 minutes ago

In the first round of the champion’s League by 2020, it is coming to an end. Here are the results.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 3-3

Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands-Vitesse 1-3
Feyenoord-sc Heerenveen 3-1
FC Twente-FC Groningen 0-0
AZ-Willem II 1-3

VVV-Venlo-PSV eindhoven 1-to-1
Ajax-Sparta 2-1
FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo 1-0
ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk 2-0ADO Den Haag-RKC · 19 hours ago

Pardew makes his debut with major win at ADO
Alan Pardew is listening to his debut as coach of ADO Den Hague (the netherlands), with a key win at manchester city. The Hague club is a winner in their own home by 2-0, thanks to goals from Shaquille debit cards, and for Aaron Meijers. Especially the one from the Abstract, just after the red card was on his side there And Delcroix, the Hague, the tongues, for the captain had gone to the bank, referred to by Pardew. Thanks to the victory, increasing the ADO to the sixteenth place in the Premier league, while hekkensluiter his side deeper and deeper into the swamp below.ADO Den Haag-RKC · 27 minutes and geleden85′ The resistance ‘ by his side has been permanently broken, and after the red card Delcroix, and the subsequent 2-0 Aaron Meijers from a free-kick. Alan Pardew is making his debut as coach of ADO Den Haag event with an important victory in the hekkensluiter.ADO Den Haag-RKC · 34 minutes ago inthe 80′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 2-0

Aaron Meijers is taking the sporting world is on Alan Pardew. The English coach posted the team captain is on the bench as a substitute proves that he is a direct added value. The defender curled a free kick beautifully into the intersection, and is beyond the scope of the RKC goalkeeper Vaessen. The red card is that of Delcroix has far-reaching consequences for the visitors.ADO Den Haag-RKC · a 35-minute geleden78′ Red to his side! Hannes Delcroix, may inrukken of the referee Manschot, as he pulls on the emergency brake in Summerville, as the attacker, only for his side-the goalkeeper Vaessen on. A sensible decision, according to the value.ADO Den Haag-RKC · 36 minutes and geleden75, ” The buzzer, the Hague, little has occurred, but more especially manchester united, has a dazzling slotkwartier need to be a painful defeat to rival ADO Den Haag to go to.ADO Den Haag-RKC · 44 minutes geleden67, ” No one at ADO Den Haag, RKC, is the parent parties, as the ball is not the ball of the right colour to play with. After a very trying, however, to the combinations, however, ADO, dig in and give the away team the initiative.ADO Den Haag-RKC-four hours geleden54′ Tijani Reijnders, he that is an hireling, of a-Z, turn to the fast, free, and takes up the goal of ADO was also under fire just next to it. His side should be outward-looking focus adjustment, in order to be able to score against ADO.ADO Den Haag-RKC-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball will roll back into the Cars, Jeans, sports Stadium in The Hague, the netherlands. ADO-RKC is back on the road. Can his side to the 1-0-deficit?ADO Den Haag-RKC one day ago

Peace of mind! Alan Pardew walks stoically to the catacombs in The city you are in. The English manager making his debut for ADO is perhaps the event with a victory, as the team leads with 1-0, through a goal scored by debit cards, but the football leaves a lot to be desired for a better playing for his side.ADO Den Haag-RKC · 2 hours ago –32′ GOAL ADO Den Haag! 1-0

Against the relationship in the near future, ADO Den Haag are on a lead at his side. And, of course, the Hagenezen of a default. John Goossens is curled in a free-kick in the head, I rarely get to debit cards, that is, the ADO supporters into ecstasy takes you.ADO Den Haag-RKC · a 2-hour geleden30′ manchester united for him as we, the team of coach Fred Grim to know, with bravery, initiative, and an advantage over the opponent. It is threatening now to have been rewarded at the evolution of the ADO?ADO Den Haag-RKC · a 2-hour geleden19′ What a great opportunity for Sylla Sow. The attacker is on his side only to Luuk Koopmans, and ADO net is the winner in the battle, because the Sow does not proceed, then, with a soft pupillenschot.ADO Den Haag-RKC · 2 hours ago

After a quarter of an hour the outline of a real kelderkraker on the field, the field is visible from the ADO for his side. A lot of battles and duels, with little opportunity to and attack. The two teams are still amazed by the degradatiestress.Ajax-Sparta · 2 hours ago

At the Hag may have had nothing to say about the injury, Ziyech
Erik ten Hag can’t say anything about the injury, Hakim Ziyech. The Moroccan playmaker had, after an hour, replace it with a beenblessure. “We’ll have to see how it develops over time. I just have to be patient, just like you do.”Ajax-Sparta · 2 hours ago

Ten Hag to be critical: ‘It was easy’
“It was a game of many faces”, says Ajax’s coach Erik ten Hag of his analysis for FOX Sports , after the narrow 2-1 victory at Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. “Half an hour is a great and Ajax, with a lot of opportunities. We got a good goal, but after that, we will be inconsistent and weak on the ball. We had the Race in the game. It was too easy, it’s not going to be on 90 percent of the time. Suddenly, out of nowhere they score the 2-1 and the smell of blood. We should be lucky that we have the blessing of the fire, drew.”ADO Den Haag-RKC · 2 hours ago theKick-off! After a lovely reception in the central core of ADO Den Haag for the new year, Alan Pardew is the ADO began to kelderkraker against manchester united. Also Pardew’s debut with the much-desired three pointer?Ajax-Sparta · 2 hours ago

Tadic acknowledges that: “it is Not our best game’
Dusan Tadic acknowledges the cameras of FOX Sports that the syrup was at Ajax and in the league game against Sparta (2-1). “We have said that we have done have had to have been, from the very first minute. In the first quarter was good, with a lot of energy. However, we may have times when we have problems,” said Tadic. “The race had two good chances, Onana, and He made good saves on the line. It wasn’t our best game. The most important thing is that we have to win, but the game wasn’t very good. We want to win it.”Ajax-Sparta · 2 hours ago

Babel: “I definitely had jitters’
“I definitely had jitters. It was very exciting, and I was curious to see what the reception would have been,” says Ryan Babel on his return to Ajax in front of the camera on FOX Sports. The attacker was very happy with the narrow victory in the Race (the 2-1). “If it’s short, for a time, even 2-1, you can have the door slammed in his face to get it. At which point I can work with? I can use all the three positions of the feet, but I can see better to the left than to the right. This is where the coach needs me.”

FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours ago

The Lion, it was Good for the confidence’
Michael de Leeuw was very happy with the narrow victory of FC Emmen to Heracles Almelo (1-0). Thanks to the victory, taking the Emmenaren further away from the degradatiestreep. “It’s good for the confidence, but we had to get ourselves a little more air to be able to give into this race,” referring to The Lion and FOX Sports on the many opportunities for his team. “We now have two really good opponents in the opening three minutes (Short and Feyenorod), so this race was important to them.”Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geledenSparta of Rotterdam will in the away game against Ajax, to the nineteenth day of shots, but scoring only once and losing 2-1. The last time that a team is just as often shot against Ajax in the champion’s League in January, 2015. Then we’re going to the game with the Locals.

19 – @SpartaRotterdam are the first team with 19 shots away against Ajax in the Eredivisie since we’re going to be in January of 2015. Unlucky.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:25 – January 19, 2020FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · 3 hours ago

FC Emmen is doing a good business in the degradatiestrijd
FC Emmen is doing it in the first turn of the game in 2020, in the outstanding issues in the fight against relegation. The team’s coach, Dick We have a winner in your own home, 1-0. The only goal of the afternoon comes in the name of the Croatian midfielder Marko Kolar in peace and quiet. In the slotminuut of the game is to score a goal by Cyriel Dessers of Heracles frowned upon, because he was in an offside was.FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden90+2′ – Goal Disallowed! Cyriel Dessers cheers after his 1-to-1, with a header following a cross from Bijleveld, but the touch judge has the flag up. An offside.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours ago

A nice Ajax amsterdam wins the close of the Race
Thanks to a 2-1 win means Ajax are three points in your own home. Therefore, to strengthen the Locals to their lead in the Premier league, because before this weekend, the number two of the a-Z of the points missed against Willem II.FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden90+1 is What odds for Heracles Almelo. A shot from Osman is broken, and then to the ball of the feet, for Dessers. Instead of shooting, he explained ‘m ready to Bijleveld, who is from nearby in addition to targets.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden90+4′ in Duarte to shoot the ball, but at the end, but Onana saves the day.FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of extra time in Emmen (netherlands) is in three minutes.FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden90 Finally showing Heracles, his muscles in a striking way, but Cijntje, refuses to pull the trigger. FC Emmen can be easily cleaned.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden90 ” There will be four minutes of stoppage time at the.FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden86’ Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands wins a free kick in a good spot to be in, to be everywhere, but as so often this afternoon, failed to fully. Araujo may be wegkoppen on behalf of FC Emmen, that things seem to be going to do in the fight against relegation.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden87 Also Ache given a chance to be 2-2, but this time, Veltman, on the goal line to keep the ball out of the goal to keep it.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden84 ” Here it is, almost the end! Auassar with a beautiful swing, but He may be the head, and just at the ball, and the dedication to the mines and fighting for his life.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours ago

Spartans celebrate with the goal scorer of the Piroe.FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo · 3 hours ago

Heracles Almelo will kick in at last to the accelerator pedal against FC Emmen all to the 1-0-deficit-to-do. In the second half and the points to good use in the fight against relegation, and keep the rows that are closed.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden80 ” Great opportunity for a Traoré! Tadic maintains the list and puts the ball back to the attacker, but Harush is in the way.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden75′ End Gravenberch to the side, taken by Hag. Eiting will come to him in the field.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours ago,74′ GOAL in the Race! 2-1

A Piroe, takes the ball in smoothly and shoot fast links. The tension was back in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours ago

70′ Babel is on for the part taken. The midfielder has been a number of times to be dangerous, but it is in the back not to score a goal. Traoré is his replacement.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden70′ Ekkelenkamp try subbing to the award of a goal. His effort lacks power and ends up in the hands of Harush.ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk · 3 hours ago

In the final Premier league match of today is between ADO Den Haag and RKC Waalwijk). At 16.45 hours, there is a kick-in-the Cars, the Jeans Point.

Setup the ADO Den Haag: Koopmans,; Malone, Stubbs, debit cards, and The Bock; After all, Thomas Goossens; Summerwille, Necid, and Van Buren

Opstelling manchester united: Vaessen; Sporkslede, Mulder, Delcroix, Bakari; Rienstra, Reijnders, of the Incident, Sow, Bilate, TahiriAjax-Motor · 3-minute walk from

Gravenberch not long after, he’s 2-0 in the goal to see it disappear. The 17-year-old midfielder has scored this well in the second League match in which he was at the base of Ajax and allows.Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden61 ” Big chance for the 2-0! Kolar, can lash out to an empty goal, but his shot goes high over.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours ago

Ziyech remains injured on the pitch after a seemingly harmless battle. The midfielder recognises that he needs to be changed and has to leave the field.Emmen-Heracles Almelo · the 3-hour geleden57′ United on the hunt for the equalizer. Dessers out of it, but Telgenkamp tapping the ball just over the goal.Features Motor · 3-minute walk fromthe 60′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2-0

Ryan Gravenberch round, after a combination of a Jurgen Ekkelenkamp neatly. The 17-year-old following his departure to chelsea to slide the ball into the long corner.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden57′ Ziyech must have hurt to leave the field. There is, however, a substitute on the field, the text disappears from the sides in the direction of the locker room. A few minutes later Ekkelenkamp in the field as a substitute.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours ago

The vast kopkans of Babylon. Harush rescue.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geleden53′ Free-kick in a promising position, but Ziyech to shoot the ball into the wall of the Race.Back to top

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