Raymond van het Groenewoud celebrates its 70th anniversary with a new album

db065618dd057fc5f14e6d55932c09ac - Raymond van het Groenewoud celebrates its 70th anniversary with a new album

Raymond van het Groenewoud performs on the day of his seventieth birthday, (the 14th of February) have a new album out called ‘Play’. The idea for the Play originated somewhere in the beginning of January, 2018, at the airport of the City. There, all the amenities, in Raymond, to the main melody, it’s expected of me, which I subscribe to. And that was the end, and You will get everything that you want.

Perhaps before, and certainly after, it began Raymond, all sorts of rags, which he often allows to pass through, to write it down, often muziekpapier, and later on in the laptop. And it is certainly a thought Raymond, once again, to have the holy philosophy, that is, a song is only the chance for ever, if there is a minimum amount of treffelijke melody to be processed. That turned out to be the case.

With the tunes in my pocket, as well as some of the songs that Raymond has already had lying around in his sled, such as “Today” and ‘I’ve got you, love’ he had for Jean-Marie Aerts, the producer of the legendary music acts like TC Matic, Urban Dance Squad. Jean-Marie is eager to follow in the story below, the division of labour, “Raymond writes the songs, and Jean-Marie will make sure that they sound like”. Raymond appoints likes to use the term ‘muziekmonnik, as he is of Jean-Marie and his aura is thinking. During the preparation phase, during the recording or during the mixing. Not to boast, yet restrained work. “The hotel was.

The first single to be taken from ‘Play’, it was ‘Bitter, Bot. Lyrically, this song, for years and years, in a draft-writing, and to sleep. Mr Raymond commented: “I found myself talking to my dad in the Eternal Jachtvelden, and I told him that the board does not have to come back, he’d be right back to green from the irritation about what is going on in the world of grown-ups.”