PSV eindhoven and VVV, have let great opportunities go unused in the opening stages

8e8f1c232f7b80dcead820843badce06 - PSV eindhoven and VVV, have let great opportunities go unused in the opening stages

PSV eindhoven and VVV, have let great opportunities go unused in the opening stages

January 19, 2020 at 11:55
19-01-20 11:55 pm
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On this Sunday, there will be four matches in the Premier league on the programme. In this liveblog, you do not have to miss VVV-Venlo-PSV (at 12: 15 pm, started) Ajax-Sparta (14: 30), FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands (14: 30) and-ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk (nl) (16.45).

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  • VVV-Venlo-PSV eindhoven 0-0
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  • Ajax-Sparta Rotterdam
  • FC Emmen-Heracles Almelo
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  • ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands

VVV-PSV youth · one minute ago

The first real chance of the Darfalou for the OT, but Unnerstall rescue for PSV eindhoven.TOURIST information-MANU · a 4-minute geleden27′ Cherry is once again comes to the rescue of the home side. Bruma can be a close in shot, but the keeper of the TOURIST information is a goal of the Locals is in the way.TOURIST information-MANU · a 6-minute geleden25 Also TOURIST ventures forth with a doelpoging. The commitment of the Darfalou is going to be high on the target by Unnerstall.TOURIST information-MANU · a 7-minute geleden24 Between two of the TOURIST men in Thomas, however, to lash out, but his attempt was bumpy in addition to the purpose of the Cherry.VVV-PSV and 10 minutes geleden21′ Switch at the TOURIST information centre. Linthorst must have hurt to leave the field. Janssen is in his place.VVV-PSV · 12 hours ago

The point is that Bergwijn eye-to-eye with Cherry from slipping and falling, and thus it was not until a scoring chance comes up.TOURIST information-MANU · a 16-geleden15′ It is OT dangerous to the goalkeeper Unnerstall! Thomas delivers the ball in from Darfalou, but it is the renowned TOURIST rush has met with the goalkeeper of PSV eindhoven. I can see his effort on the line may be turned away due to Baumgartl.VVV-PSV youth · a 19-minute geleden12 Again, an opportunity for ADVANTAGE. Bergwijn will send Bruma, but the Portuguese has to shoot the ball far off the mark.TOURIST information-MANU · a 20-minute geleden10′ BACKLINE has been several times very close to a match, but it is just a ten-minute still 0-0. OT is for the moment under the pressure from the Locals coming from.TOURIST information-MANU · a 25-minute geleden6 Beautiful rescue of a Cherry! Gakpo it was just a little out of the sixteen meters, and the keeper of the TOURIST information you can rescue. Cherry continues to be badly lagging behind.TOURIST information-MANU · a 29-minute geleden2 After more losing of Darfalou can Bergwijn through in the direction of the aim of Cherry. The PSV striker slips out before he can make out of it.VVV-PSV · 31 minutes ago

For kick-off. The ball is in your Fridge. TOURIST, with the renowned trainer, he is a King, take the ADVANTAGE.TOURIST information-MANU · a 35-minute geledenDebuterende TOURIST information centre midfielder Oussama Darfalou is ready to go.

Darfalou is ready! 🔥🔥


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen12:12 – January 19, 2020VVV RANGE · one-hour geledenDe the PSV-supporters, of which biofuels are available, can be tentative, a little to see it. The plexiglas is attached.

@VVVVenlo OUTRAGEOUS!!! the view in the from box. @PSV and @supverpsv @ToonGerbrands @thijsslegers


AuteurRichard of UdenMoment of plaatsen11:28 am – 19 January, 2020VVV RANGE · one-hour geledenOok the first TOURISM graduates to enter the field.

👋🏼 Its mission!


AuteurVVV-VenloMoment of plaatsen11:37 – January 19, 2020VVV RANGE · one-hour geledenDe the PSV-ers are warming up for the race, which is about half an hour to start.

…and the rest of us.
Opwarmennn! 🔥


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen11:38 am – January 19, 2020VVV RANGE · one-hour geledenLars Unnerstall was once again back in the Netherlands. The goalkeeper of PSV eindhoven keepte over the past two seasons for the TOURIST, but to defend the afternoon, for the purpose of Locals in The cold.

Back in Venlo, the netherlands… 🚏


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen11:08 pm – 19 January, 2020VVV RANGE · 2 hours ago

Faber starts off with Bruma
The Faber start with Bruma at the base of the away game at VVV-Venlo, the netherlands. The preferred Ritsu Doan. Nick Viergever is missing due to a suspension. The TOURIST office will be unveiling the Short-leased midfielder Oussama Darfalou.

Formation of the VVV-Venlo: Cherry; Pachonik, Röseler, Kum, Janssen; Linthorst, Cattermole, Van Ooijen; Ok, Darfalou, and I can.

Preparation of PSV: Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Baumgartl, Boscagli; of the Rosary, st. Thomas, Ihattaren; Bruma, Bergwijn, and Gakpo.VVV-PSV · 2-hour geledenDe united from PSV eindhoven for the match at OT, it is not yet known, but the Locals say that Cody Gakpo in the base.

Our goal is to ①① – > soon! 👀
(This guy starts today)


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen10:52 – 19 January 2020Ajax-Motor · 2 hours ago

Gravenberch is ready for a big break
It seems likely that Ryan Gravenberch in the absence of Daley Blind and more speelminuten to Ajax in the second half of the season. “I think I am ready for it,” says the seventeen-year-old following his departure to chelsea at the NOS. “In Qatar, do I have to show it on and off the court and in practice has been very good.” The scot is a real man out of me. “I now have my foot in it, or I’m going to be a kopduel it. Before I did that.”Premier league · 3 hours ago

A real oasis feel again after winter break
With the two matches against sc Heerenveen, the netherlands does Nicolai Jørgensen there is a seizoenstotaal will be doubled. “For Christmas, I got a huge dip,” said the 29-year-old Dane at FOX Sports. “In the winter I have my mind be able to make it. I’ve had a good training camp and feel free. Finally, it feels good in my head and in my body.”VVV-PSV · 3 hours ago

The PSV is already in fifteen games unbeaten in The Fridge
PSV eindhoven will start after the winter break with a game against the number sixteen of the champion’s League. The Locals will go out this afternoon at 12: 15 pm on a visit to the TOURIST office car park. The stadium, The Cool, is the PSV in the last few years, well, everywhere. The final defeat of the current number four of the Premier league in Venlo, the netherlands in 1976 (2-0). Since then, the away team fifteen times in a row is not lost on the People.Ajax-Sparta · 3 hours geledenOm 14: 30, are Ajax amsterdam, and the Race for the 54th time in the Premier league face each other in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. All of the previous 53 editions won with Ajax, there are 39 of them. The biggest victory was won by the Locals dates back to the year 2001. When it won, and Ajax with a 9-0 of the People, thanks to four goals from Shota Arveladze.

🔙 | 2001, book, Ajax, the biggest victory ever in the Race in Rotterdam. Shota’s Showtime Arveladze will be responsible for four out of the nine matches.
⏰ 14: 30
📺 On FOX Sports 2
#⃣ #ajaspa
Check out the doelpuntenregen here ⬇


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen09:42 am – January 19, 2020Eredivisie · 4 hours geledenFeyenoord you can enjoy it on a quiet Sunday morning. In the End, winners of yesterday’s 3-1 sc Heerenveen, the netherlands, and are currently looking at how a direct competitor to the PSV stack up against VVV-Venlo, the netherlands.

A fine Sunday. ☺️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen09:10 – January 19, 2020Back to top

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