Moving to Koen Wauters is back to Mechelen?

3e90b9f96b34e5493f949d922e61f51b - Moving to Koen Wauters is back to Mechelen?

The separation Was De Booser and Koen Wauters is great news, in Flanders, and feels tremendous in the ex-couple. Who’s going to be, where to live, what will be the education of Zita and Nono are going and have a lot more questions. That is, without a doubt, also to Valerie and Carl, meanwhile, are faced with. Thick, one and one-half years ago, he moved to the mount from the Raise for the city official in order to be closer to the family She has to live in it. Did Koen Wauters is, perhaps, a concession to his wife Was to be saved. Only they and their closest friends and family are going to be the answer to this question is known.

Their villa is in the Override state, in the meantime, almost a year to buy it. Or, was). Saturday night, the villa is just on the, and Sunday morning seems to be that without a trace had vanished. Did Carl in the sale be removed, and he wants to go back to Lifting with to help.