Carolien Spoor, gave birth to a son

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Carolien Spoor, gave birth to a son

January 19, 2020 at 13:00
19-01-20 13:00
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Carolien Spoor has given birth to a son, reports the star on Sunday on Instagram.

“What an intense happiness. I never thought that in my heart, so much love, you should be able to,” he writes, the 32-year-old actress at a photo of a newborn baby. Her son is called Elias, William Frederick-Karthaus, and this past Thursday was born.

In June 2017, pleased with the Trace of her first-born son, By Different Selected Karthaus. In 2016, was married in Italy, with director Jon Karthaus. In August 2019 and did it in anticipation of her second child.

Trail is well known for its roles in the series, Dear Liza and the film with the Homies.