Back with a vengeance: Huizenjagers

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In the first week of the season, Huizenjagers, there is a special one: there are not three, but four agents in the city. In front, Gemke, and identical twin brothers Laurent and Stephen to pull through in the scheldt region in search of the perfect place to kandidaatkopers.

Meet the real estate brokers
Lawrence and Stephen are identical twins, and together they run the real estate office, how can it be otherwise, Immotwins. The two brothers were inseparable, both in their work and in their personal lives. They will also put together enough for the victory.

The second is a real estate agent in the over-crowded buses is in Front, and he is still in the immowereld, very, very, very new on this show to do in Front which is his second home visit. As a born salesman, and a smooth guest in Front all the way. He sees it as his chance to prove himself in the world of real estate.

Gemke, close to the first Huizenjagersweek off. She is only 20 years old, but is bursting with ambition, and she has been working for two years in the office of her father, and her goal is to get to the office, to take over and the trophy is in the power of them.

Monday: The first kandidaatkopers of the new season, Tina and Lucy. Tina is a single mom who is looking for her own homes with her two daughters and her extensive shoe collection. Modern take on her mother, Lucia, on a trip to a good, hard look at the potential houses. And it is critical to Lucia, however, the agents have their best foot forward to support them, to convince them.