The team already 3-0 up against Wigan by two goals in a match is a real oasis

47a338cace06f70ecd5fe613588756bf - The team already 3-0 up against Wigan by two goals in a match is a real oasis

The team already 3-0 up against Wigan by two goals in a match is a real oasis

18 January, 2020 17:57
18-01-20 at 17:57
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In the Premier league are on Saturday, four races on the program. For example, the number two, AZ-at 20: 45 in the home as the winner at number four, William, II. An hour before kick Season off against sc Heerenveen and FC Groningen visits FC Twente. Fortuna Sittard, Vitesse, open to the Saturday round at 18: 30. Don’t miss out in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! We will of course keep you tonight on top of all the developments in the match.

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  • 18.30:
  • Fortune-Vitesse 1-3
  • 19.30:
  • Everton-Wigan 3-0
  • Of Twente, The Netherlands 0-0
  • 20: 45
  • AZ-Willem II

for a few seconds, and geleden83, ” The man of the match in the people from arnhem are changed. Tim Matavz is leaving the field to Nouha Dicko.3 minutes ago –26′ GOAL in the Club! 3-0

The lawyer was no better, boot to the champion’s League could ask for. A real oasis in a headline, tap in from a corner to make his second of the night. We’re going to be sitting in less than half an hour, on easy.6 hours ago

Nicolai Jørgensen has had a moment to wait for that. The Dane has been the first goal scorer in the Premier league since november 10th (against west ham), and his third of the season.A 7-minute geleden20 Seriously in danger of FC Twente, is that it is difficult to have in new york. Zeefuik need to take action, and then Aitor (Nl), the rebound damping is trying to shoot at it. The goalkeeper Padt (Groningen, the netherlands), however, is his own.11 minutes ago –73′ GOAL to Fortuna Sittard! 1-3

Luck is doing what. Ciss is the headline of the ball after a scrimmage round.12 mins ago –17′ GOAL in the Club! 2-0

After a little more than a quarter of an hour is already 2-0 in the extremely effective team. Toornstra gets the ball to Jørgensen, who is in a hole, and the ball through the Wigan defence and, in the extreme angle.14 hours ago

The man of the night so far: Tim Matavz. He has two of them in it. Matavz is being punched by the maker is from 0 to 1: Oussama Tannane.A 16-geleden13′ It’s Wigan in the opening stages to do. Ejuke you can extract it from the edge of the penalty area, but puts the ball just next to them. Heerenveen is the better team but at 1-0-back in The Cockpit.19 hours ago –64′ GOAL is Speed! 0 to 3

Matavz is being sent, and remains cool-headed. He slides the ball under the Koselev on. The team is still looking at the value, however, there is no reason for it to be approved.A 20-minute geleden63′ is A great opportunity for a Short. Tannane gets close to the goal, but he shoots the ball at Koselev.20 minutes ago,a 9′ GOAL, the Team! 1-0

The first is the best chance we’re going to the touch. Luis Sinisterra, receives the ball from Steven Berghuis to something behind the play and shoot, then touch it over with a fine half-bicycle kick.The 21-minute geleden7′ Wigan is interfering with the build-up of the Team is in a very early stage, and it puts the team in trouble. A shot of the Mountains at the end of the zijnet.23 hours ago

Alexei Koselev it makes a very insecure impression that the purpose of Luck. Short it regularly from a distance to be under attack.A 25-minute geleden58, ” A chance for Luck to return the favour. Sambou, however, may be just not good with the ball.The 27-minute geleden1, ” The ball is now in the netherlands. FC Twente-FC Groningen is on its way.The 28-minute geleden1′ Kick-off! There is also the potential for in The Cockpit with the match between the number five (the Team) and eight (Heerenveen, the netherlands), the Hague.The 29-minute geleden54 ” Because it was Short again, it is dangerous, but Koselev it is now, however, all of a sudden.A 30-minute geleden53′ There it was, Right there in the third Dutch goal. The ball ends up after an escape from the attacker, who, from the brink of sixteen, in the far corner, trying to curl up. Unfortunately for him, the ball is next to it.The 37-minute geleden46 The second half has hour ago,to Rest. Fortuna Sittard, Vitesse are going to be the tea! The people from arnhem to create an open impression when you restart your computer and the lead to 2-0.the one-hour geledenEen a part of the great shows are on tonight its the best way to see it.

More than 1,000 supporters for the campaign: #ikgeeffeyenoord their season ticket tonight to lend to people who normally don’t get card to be able to pay for it. Great gesture.


AuteurDennis of EerselMoment of plaatsen19:04 pm – January 18, 2020één hours ago, the‘ 40’s, GOAL is Short! 0 to 2

Tim Matavz takes advantage of the geschutter in maastricht, the defense! The striker just tap the ball so easy binnen.De assist comes in the name of Matus hour ago

Also for FC Twente against FC Groningen is at 19: 45 kick off. For the Tukkers, makes a defender Giovanni Troupée, who has been hired by FC Utrecht, which marked the debut of.

Preparation of FC Twente: Devil; Troupée, Bees, Pleguezuelo, Grant; Busquets, Bosch, Selahi; Aitor, Espinosa, Zekhnini.

Preparation of FC Groningen, Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Van Hintum, Both; Hrustic, Matusiwa, Van Kaam, Lundqvist; Sierhuis, Asoro.the one-hour geleden29′ Koselev is coming to a close in the centre. This time, he is a zwabberbal the head, but he recovers just in hour ago –26′ GOAL is Speed! From 0 to 1

What is a geblunder by Alexei Koselev! Oussama Tannane to shoot for a seemingly harmless free-kick, but the Koselev engages in. The ball will disappear into the target.the one-hour geleden23′ What a chance for Passlack (Luck)! It is just at the Pasveer, but it is not a ” hour ago

Bijlow will be back in the Team
A move to One Bijlow for the Team against Heerenveen, the netherlands. The spain international returns from injury, and will benefit from the departure of Kenneth Vermeer and from the United States of america. Luciano Narsingh has been sick, and there is, therefore, in the clash. The kick-off is at 19: 45.

Drafting Team: Bijlow; Married, Botteghin, Senesi, Malacia; Toornstra, Different, Kökcü; Mountain House, A Real Oasis, Sinisterra.

Installation Wigan:
Late Evening; On Rhine, Dresevic, Botman, Woudenberg, Netherlands; Council, Faik, Kongolo; Ejuke, Death, And Of The Mountains.the one-hour geleden17′ Bazoer is Right away, but the midfielder admits his side are going to be sloppy with a good chance. He will shoot in front of.the one-hour geleden15′ Diemers try it for Luck from distance, but he’s off just a little to high.A 2-hour geleden6′ first shot of the Sprint, after the Fortuna Sittard, just for the danger caused. Bazoer will shoot you from a distance, but Koselev, you can easily save it.A 2-hour geleden4, ” The ball is now in the restaurant and bar.2 hours ago

Luck will soon have the chance to get a clubrecord there. The Figures over the past five thuisduels all of them would have won. That was in the club two times before, but the six-thuisoverwinningen in a row that the Figures have not previously been successful.A 2-hour geledenOver a quarter of an hour, starts in Limburg, netherlands , Fortuna Sittard, Vitesse. In Arnhem, the netherlands, was in the meeting earlier this season, is a spectacle: the Fortuna came in a 2-1-lead, but the lead pulled up Short of the competition are to: 4-2.3 hours ago

Also, Sprint allows the preparation to be known. Therein, we did not find any surprises. Trainer, Edward, the Control system selects the same eleven names, as well as the previous week at the training ground, against MSV Duisburg.

The set-up:
Pasveer, Lelieveld, gave doekhi some firm kicks Obispo, Clark; Bazoer, Has, In; Tannane, Matavz and Right.3 hours ago

Could to Sprint to debut at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands
At Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands that makes the younger, Leandro Fernandes will soon be making his debut. Felix Passlack will be back after a suspension. In the match against Vitesse start later at 18: 30.

Drawing-Fortuna Sittard:
Koselev; Angha, Ninaj, Players, Cox; Fernandes, Smith, Passlack, Diemers; Ciss, Damascan.Back to top

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