The spectacular creation of Daens 2.0!

16395e2c414b8829553a85311c9504da - The spectacular creation of Daens 2.0!

At the moment, the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater Again hard and rehearsed for the re-release of the succesmusical Daens, who on the 21st of February, in a premiere. Under the guidance of the internationally-recognized stunt team with Zarafa, is that his tracks are already made from o for a while.a. in the BBC series The White Queen, Les Miserables, and the Dutch film the Storm, it was in the afternoon, the major in charge-scene-rehearsing. At this mass-to-scene, go and gendarmes on horseback, in battle with the protesting workers. A project that is well-rehearsed with the stunt team, the all-star cast (both adults and children), and others.

With Gert Verhulst, producer & founder, “We have the ambition to be a of this production, Daens 2.0 to create it. The wheeled stands and the impressive sets make up for a new release every show, more than 80 people on the stage. By choosing to work with real animals, such as horses and dogs, we have set ourselves is not easy, but it will give you that extra experience that we offer to our visitors and want to give up.”

After the spectacular musical, 40-45 seems to be the audience of this performance are fully in the embrace, because in the meantime, there have been more than 170,000 ticket out the door. The spectacular, the 2.0 version of the musical was celebrated for the second time, extended play etc.e.m. To 11 October 2020. Daens will be available as from the 22nd of February*, with the spectacular musical production to 40-45 to be in the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater Again.

The title role will be played by Peter Van de Velde. His brother, Pieter Daens ” is played by Jan Schepens. There is theatermonument, Jo De Meyere, the role of the Bishop Stillemans. Free Souffriau is a Nette Scholliers and Jelle Cleymans is an expression of the socialist leader, Jan, is The Location.. Manou Kersting will be the role of the ruthless fabrieksopzichter Schmitt, and Peter Thyssen, provides the comic touch to the role of the Ponnet. Fabrice Pillet was cast as Charles Savage.