Koen Crucke confesses, ‘I was hooked’

Koen Crucke confesses, 'I was hooked'

In the Holy House, Hanssen was a Saturday morning, the actor, singer, politician, Koen Crucke as a guest at the Evi Hanssen Joe. For two hours, from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon, provided Evi-the 10 Commandments to him. Koen Crucke told by every Commandment of his own, personal story.

Carl’s trusted Evi admitted that he was ashamed of his ‘gluttony’ in the past. “I was really embarrassed that I couldn’t control it, and that I wasn’t able to lose weight. I have always had an appetite to: eat, eat, eat. I was able to, for example, a half-schapenbout to eat, and half an hour later, I was able to re-300g rooms. I couldn’t control it and was hooked, but now that I’m off of it. I’m no longer gaining weight. If my pants are a little bit of wood, I immediately put on the brakes,” says Carl.