Has a good news for all fans of Girl-Late Night

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The FOUR in Brussels, and the programs that you do this year on the radio show will be introduced to the site. The FOUR had been very good news for the advertisers but also for viewers this spring, there will be a new season of ‘the Girl Late last Night. Right, actually we knew that already for a long time, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, had in an interview confirmed. But there’s more: FOUR confirmed, sat morning to do a second season later this year. There will be this year, so that with certainty for two seasons of ” Girl from the Late Night

Along with the first in an irresistible spring fever, come to Gert’s and James once again hit with thousands of bombs and artillery shells – the seventh (!) season Girl Late last Night. They are welcome every week for a further three slaapgasten, and a lot of well-known and unknown Flemish people who appeared on board the great boat. In the meantime, it is also a well known fact that you are not just what you can bob up and down on the waves of the Most popular talk-show, as George and James take you on an unforgettable and rewarding journey.