Frank Bush is overjoyed with the record – ” Kom op tegen Kanker

Frank Bush is overjoyed with the record - " Kom op tegen Kanker

Come on, the fight against Cancer, the campaign has 2018-2019 ended up with a net record amount of 35.943.987 of the euro. Never been took out of the organisation in two years ‘ time, more money, through the actions and contributions in kind. The organization today is in itself known, during the Thanksgiving ‘Dankjeweldoener for activists and volunteers.

With the net proceeds of the 35.943.987 can Come in the fight against Cancer is an increase in growth of up to 7.583.132 euros, or 26.74 %, compared to the campaign in 2016-2017. When brought to the organization, even though a record amount of 28.360.855.
’It is amazing what we have accumulated in the fight against cancer!’, says Frank, Bush, campaign manager of the ” Kom op tegen Kanker. “A big thank you to the hundreds of thousands of people and organizations, which are often a month after month and year after year, it is a contribution. A special “thank you” goes out to the activists and volunteers. They are the strength behind our organization. It is they who are in the movement managed to bring our activities to bear.’ Thus, while the Plantjesweekend, with no less than 339-local committee of action were, 339.310 the azaleas were sold. “Their commitment is still to be made. Thick, thank you!’, it adds an emotional Frank’s Bush is increasing.

The increase in revenues is in accordance with the organisation’s attributable to two things. On the one hand, to make a lot of people are a cancer on this area. With more than 41.000 diagnoses each year, in Flanders, and everybody knows someone in his area who are affected by the disease. That number will continue to increase: by 2025, we’re almost up to 48 000 diagnoses and counting. To this day, today, may survive for one to three of the disease, which is humane and socially unacceptable.
’On the other hand, the increase can be explained by the fact that there is an increasing social need for solidarity, “says the general director of the” Kom op tegen Kanker, Marc Michils. ‘Scheldtirades to fly back and forth on social media, there has been an increasing level of hostility and polarization. We live in a purely individualistic society. Load of crap. An Absolute load of crap. It is more than ever alive and well. Maybe that’s why this group was less than in the media. Or maybe that’s just due to that polarization, people of warm things, such as friendship and good look.’