The VTM’s, Lynn Wesenbeek makes the move to VRT

The VTM's, Lynn Wesenbeek makes the move to VRT

For many years, Lynn Wesenbeek in the face of TV, but right now, it would be the former captain of a commercial station to make the switch to VRT, where they will have a seat in the new board of directors. It is only when the council of ministers, with the approval of the official, responded to Lynn Wesenbeek in The News.

Lynn Wesenbeek has been omroepster, personality, and even nieuwsanker in the VTM. Along with Marlène de Wouters, as presented in 1989, the opening show of a commercial radio station. However, after a career of 24 years was in 2012, in thanks for services rendered.

Lynn Wesenbeek has made the move into the political arena, and because of that carrièrewending would make them for her party, the Open VLD, are now going to have a seat on the new board of directors of the VRT.