Loredana is recovering well after the removal of a tumor

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Panic and Loredana, and with a Pat Krimson as in the lead singer of a tumor was diagnosed on a lymph node in her neck. Meanwhile, the 33-year-old Loredana De Amicis to go under the knife, and the tumor was surgically removed. Pat Krimson puts the fans can be sure that the operation was successful.
As it was, it was still as exciting as Loredana was felled by the flu a few days before the surgery. There had to be some of the 2Fabiola shows will be cancelled so that the singer could take a rest.
Pat Krimson gives The Latest News is that the surgery went well, although it took them longer than originally planned, because the tumor is in a difficult place. But, the tumor was benign, and she had to get this… So it’s going to be fine, continue to Pat Krimson and optimistic.
The couple draws at the beginning of February in Tenerife, where Loredana and quiet time to recover and recharge the batteries, because as of the 22nd of February, they are back together, as Loredana fees will be fully re-established.