Swoop is launching a new public holiday

3aac374df67cce84cca27b81dca58283 - Swoop is launching a new public holiday

How many hours a day and I’ll see you in a chair? Count, but again, that could be a lot of. Especially when you’re in school or at work, have to sit. The man has a lack of respect for the chair, and that’s what ambiancegroep Swoop to do something about it. Swoop is launching a new event and will be on Friday, the 17th of January, is celebrated for the stoelendag.

A word of explanation. “Stoelendag will be a day when we have as little as possible to sit down at work or at school, and it’s easier than you think,” said the singer, Filip D Haeze. “What would it be like if the people in the school lessons we had to give. And who is to say that the work is more than once we had worked with, or met”, and what it sounds like.