Kiana Buttiens write Blocks of history

986ec627bad15862334c275967ed27a1 - Kiana Buttiens write Blocks of history

The 25-year-old Kiana Buttiens out of Ten the new is Thursday night to the new-Blocks-record-holder. If the candidate has ever managed to get the twelve episodes in a row, with the final to reach, and the finalewoord to figure it out. On Friday, the 17th of January, start them at the age of thirteen, episode: this is a unique achievement.

On January 1, 2020, took Kiana to the first part of it. They had set themselves the target to have at least one episode for it to win. A little over two weeks later it occurs in the Kiana, tonight, for the twelfth time in the quizarena of Ben Crabbé. Thus, equal to the number of board meetings attended by Ewout Leys in June 2018. Where Ewout was killed in action in the first round of the twelfth episode, knock, Kiana, however, by the twelfth to the finale.

For the second home win awards, so in a very strong chain of victories. It is very fast, leave hardly any wrong answers are recorded, and knows just what to do with the blocks in the blokkenbord place. Results: in five out of the twelve episodes had them in the first round, with more than 1,000 points.

The finalespel looks like Kiana the best. At the same time, to listen to any of the questions in the blocks to place, and to think about it for a achtletterwoord, it seems to happen by itself.
One time he crawled in Kiana, through the eye of a needle. In its seventh and final could be the last time that the word ‘cake’ figure it out. The recordreeks had last been. Though it looks like Kiana is now on its way to the number of seven entries to go anywhere.