Beat the VTM is going to start

59627db1f84d1ec39c16e7d26532f1c5 - Beat the VTM is going to start

100 days ago, well 8 the well-known Flemish people, and their unknown challengers are caught in a discipline in which neither of them knew it. As of Monday, the 27th of January 2020, it begins the greatest battle between the team of Flanders and a team of VTM all the way to release it. Koen Wauters, Natalia, Kürt Rogiers, Guga Baúl in July Of the Stone, Mathias Coppens, Freek Braeckman and Olga Leyers, standing face to face with their players, and are now ready for the ultimate battle. The results of this exciting competition will be revealed in BEAT, and the VTM.

It’s there, hard as it is now to be seen in the pictures that have been released are: