Anyone who crowns themselves to the Homo universalis?

Anyone who crowns themselves to the Homo universalis?

On Friday, January 24th, and is the most popular spelrubriek go back to the first, ‘Homo universalis’, in Everyone is famous. Therein to engage 100 men and women, every day is a challenge, in the hope of being crowned the new homo universalis.

On Friday, January 24th, to learn the viewers, and the new candidates are soon to know. As of Monday, the 27th of January and the start of the elimination race is really a daily task, such as a potato, catching a fork as a espadrille for as long as possible wegschoppen, and a necklace, with rubber bands, as much as possible, spring onion cutting and nesting box construction. New this year is that these tests are not always fixed in one place, take place. And it makes the team a little: for instance, the candidates already have a week long contracts at an ice rink, and many other surprising locations.

Every day there is a person. Until there is only one man or woman is left: all of the homo universalis. The winner will enjoy a year of free vacations offered by Sunweb. In addition, he or she will, of course, for the honor of being the exclusive title of homo universalis to be worn. Walter Grootaers also provides a this season, is due a comment.

A few of the special figures from the new season:
This is the season to take 50 men and 50 women as part of ‘Homo universalis’.
The youngest participant was 18 years old: Mohammed is from the Midlands. And he is 19. Bert, from Kessel-Lo is 75 years old and the oldest participant.
A total of five 70-somethings do have a shot at the title of homo universalis, as there are two candidates for a further 20 to be used.
The average age of the top 100 candidates is 44 years.
An eye-catching candidate in this year’s Bart, a 44-year-old deaf, the baker of Holidays.
This year it is the province of Antwerp, belgium, with 30 candidates, the best-represented province – just as it did last year, by the way. Oost-Vlaanderen with up to 25 participants. But maybe it could be one of the 18 West-Flemish is to the winner of the crowns, including the past two seasons, and that was the case? In Flemish-Brabant, the 12 participants have a chance at the title, from the province of Limburg 11. Also, from the provinces of Walloon Brabant car, 2 of the candidates, their chances, as only 1 student from Brussels, belgium. And the game is even popular in the world: 1 person is from the united states.