A particular moment in time, Today, over a Year

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On Thursday the 16th of January and receive a Cath Luyten, in a new episode of the ” Today, in the year, some of the ordinary people that in one year’s time, something special would happen. The 20-year-old, Samiera of Leave would be next year, much as the man continued. Agnes (99 years old), from Ostend, wants to occur is for the general public to its 100th anniversary this year. Peter is 53 years old, Zandvliet is an illiterate person and want to be able to read and write. The 31-year-old MS patient showed signs of This, from our Members will want her man to be surprised with a second proposal of marriage, as a thank you for all the support.

A participant in the spotlight: Samiera (20) from the Leave -, “to-day, in the year, I want to be as a man be able to go.”
“As a toddler, I wanted to be a dick. “That will do,” said my mother. I’m still waiting for…”
Samiera thought of himself as a toddler, has already had a baby boy. He was standing urinating, it was always with the boys, and refused to be asked to contribute. Throughout his childhood, it was Samiera being bullied, but the worst was yet to come, the age of puberty. Then, Samiera on her period, and breasts began to develop, was his worst nightmare, the little boy who, physically with a girl who was not his wife. Samiera has tried to live a life that is not his own, but he managed not to. He knocked on the door to the transgenderkliniek, and was given the green light to begin the transition process. He is hoping to have a year of being the man in the studio is to step into it and finally be happy.

Peter (53) – Today, in a year, I want to be able to read and write.”
“I’m with the no contact. I’m ashamed of me too.”
Peter, in his youth, not a lot of pick up at the school. After leaving school, he had to be at home helping on the farm, and the kids disappeared into the trash can. At the age of fourteen he stopped by the school to parents, full-time, so that he had to learn how to read and write. Work was the only thing that Peter could do later in life, he got a job on the set up and breakdown of events. But it is a serious accident at work cost him his rechteronderbeen, and made him incapable of working. For seven years Peter, in the meantime at home, and to grow lonely. To read a newspaper or the subtitles on the tv monitor, he can’t. And socialize when you have no messages to read or send messages, it is almost impossible to make. Therefore, Peter wants to finally be rid of his presence to get his life back on track.