Where are the Kobe Ilsen in the history of it? He’s looking for it

Where are the Kobe Ilsen in the history of it? He's looking for it

Tonight, you can get One, look at episode 2 of ‘the One’. Is the subject matter? A parent can be.

Are we all too old? Given that we will have a good retirement? Is Belgium prepared for the ‘grey wave’? The OECD (Organisation for Economic co-operation and Development) has a list of the world’s aging population for each country in the map. All the way at the bottom is Mexico, one is in Japan where the people are, on average, for 84 years. What is their secret? And everyone can expect a dignified retirement?

Kobe: “for me, It’s all of a sudden, a very, very emotional episode, for now. If there is one thing that each and every human being on this planet, and connect with, regardless of country borders or skin colour, it’s that we all age, we all wake up to the rest of us to retire, and who later will care for us. My own worst fears, such as loneliness, or poverty in old age for the Japanese, a Mexican, but surely the Belgians are a hard, cold reality. We are ready to go for the gray on base?”

One is about growing older, tonight, on the display screen.