What does Luk Alloo at the magistrates ‘ court now?

What does Luk Alloo at the magistrates ' court now?

Mireille Schreurs, the wife of a politician, Karel De Gucht, used to be the youngest magistrate in the country. After 34 years of service as a judge in the magistrate’s court when she is now in her black robe on the hook. Luk Alloo was a few months into her retirement and for the all-new, two-piece reportagereeks ‘Alloo in de magistrates ‘ court on Thursday the 30th of January and 6th of February at 22.10 on the VTM.

Luk Alloo brings you the latest proceedings of Schreurs in the picture and looks at it with her back to her years in the magistrates ‘ court. Meanwhile, following the way of drivers by the police, a police report will be filed to get the court to do in front of a judge Schreurs will appear. What is the story???? How do they have the right to experience it? What do they think of a potential fine?

Mireille Schreurs: “Judging was extremely difficult. But doubt it should continue to be to lead to acquittal. I would suggest, however, that the respect for the judicial system and the erosion of. There’s a lot more of the ‘j’and foutisme, ” people should have to pass in a court of law. In the past there was much more reluctance to appear before the court.”