The names of the artists to perform at the “GENIUS”?

The names of the artists to perform at the "GENIUS"?

Laura Tesoro will be performing at the tenth edition of the “GENIUS”. This story has made them well-known during the evening rush hour at the Planet, and The Cock on the CHARITY. Not only is Laura Tesoro, but it also Solves for the Frequencies and the Pregnant Guy and have taken their act to the live show on Thursday, February 6 at the Palace 12 agreed to do it.
Laura Tesoro can be a GENIUS to score for a ‘Pop’ and the ‘First lady’. To do this, she had to have three MIA awards to her name but she was, unfortunately, not available to redeem. Lost Frequencies where it is in the categories of “Album” and “Dance”. In the future, Felix De Laet, waiting to see if he was up for the fifth year in a row the MIA to Dance with him to the house as you can. Brussels hiphopfenomeen the Pregnant Guy finally has a chance to be a GENIUS, but a total of seven of the categories: “Album”, “Author/songwriter’, ‘Folk’, ‘Live-act’, ‘First Man’, ‘Video’ and ‘Urban’.
It has already been announced, that Balthazar, the evening only and the IBE act. Also the Arno river, in the set of the Lifetime Achievement Award, will be on the stage. These are names that are already in the line-up:
• Arno river;
• Balthazar;
• The evening only;
• IBE;
• Laura Tesoro);
• If Frequencies;
• A Pregnant Guy.
Tickets for the party are available for purchase through the or