The belgian award for ‘ Monica Bellucci

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On February 1, upcoming get movie star Monica Bellucci in the honour of rené Magritte at the 10th edition of the Magritte Awards. The award will be presented to the actress Monica Bellucci, the most francofone, and francofiele of all of the Italian actresses.

First of all, there is the accent. As for a song for her before. A language variation, which is the simplest of the sentences in the most memorable movie dialogue translates to. And then there’s the look on the face. A melancholy, deep, penetrating eyes. Have a look in the most trivial situations, sales of the iconic filmmomenten.

Monica Bellucci will be in the 60’s, was born in a small village in the Mountains, in the heart of the united states. On television, she discovers that the old masters of the Italian cinema, and the genius of the nouvelle vague. She is convinced that she belongs on a movie set, a place to which they have been associated with emancipation and revelation. In order to achieve her goal, she took a very roundabout route. During her law school she started working as a fashion model, to her studies and to pay for it. Ten years is a long time, they appear in fashion shows and shines in the photo shoot, but she still has dreams of the big screen. Finally, she took acting classes. Patient accepts small rolls of film, first in Italy and then in los angeles, where Francis Ford Coppola is implementing a hypnotic concubines of Dracula. At the beginning of her career, it’s all about its natural beauty, which is so unmistakable that we would not otherwise be able to, then that’s mythical, almost mystical portrayal of an historic and clean with a beautiful look and voluptuous curves, is to be entered.

In 1995, you can see them all in the French film L appartement Gilles Mimouni and what she had to offer. The role gives her the right to a nomination to the césar awards in. What follows is a series of dazzling and diverse roles. Its filmparcours is just as rich and exciting. Of Her to Persephone, and she will explore it with pleasure and curiosity as much filmgenres as a talented film directors that she is on her way meet, with her extensive knowledge of languages a lot of doors are open to foreign productions.

Monica Bellucci, is often heralded, but not in a cell, it chooses to just be happy for the films as well as for patients, from Gaspar Noé to Time, by Alain Corneau, Bertrand Blier, Giuseppe Tornatore, Mel Gibson, and Rebecca Miller, Spike Lee, the young Italian filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher, who is a heroine in her delicate features, La meraviglie, was a winner of the Grand Prix du Jury at Cannes in 2014.