Rudy Meyns covers opening track by Willy Sommers

a19b4e97320fbd7886018649ef3eb766 - Rudy Meyns covers opening track by Willy Sommers

Rudy Meyns brought up in the past few years, a forgotten song from a belgian singer. The songs that will soon be 40 years of age or older, earning it, according to him, a new life and a new arrangement is appropriate. After a ‘Strange Bird’ Claire, ‘I do Train’ by Ann Christy, Take Me In Your Arms “by Marva and What is Not You Can Get it’ by Will Tura, bring Them to now, an adaptation of Willy Sommers lyrics in the year 1979, ‘The Night Is Long.

A Producer, Philip Martens, and gave the joyful samba is a additional of the exotic coat, and by a Ladies’ band to add to that, it’s a very, very meezingbaar overall. A song that is no doubt going to do well on the radio, and the quality of the ambience it will bring to the band.