Lawyer Tanja Dexters is responding to fight

fcce370654be43bbb369b148bc9cb609 - Lawyer Tanja Dexters is responding to fight

The Latest News wrote earlier this week, that is, Tanja Dexters, the police department Sunday morning called the police after she was injured during a fight at the home of her boyfriend, Michael Smith. That fight would have been after that Tanja Dexters is in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the stop was at the home of Smith, where there was a party was in progress. The term ” intrafamiliaal violence in the communication, but the one and the other one seems to not be so serious as to have been. In the meantime, the lawyer Tanja Dexters is a response to the paper.

“There is, at the home of Michael Smith is, indeed, a controversy has arisen between my client, Tanja Dexters, and some of the others. This has to be a ‘lively’ argument has led, but for the sake of clarity, there is not a drop of blood was shed. It would be ridiculous to expect the sensationeler to make than it actually is. Such arguments come up every day, dozens of times before, in Flanders,” said the lawyer.