Singer, the Other a mother of adoptiezoon

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Singer, the Other a mother of adoptiezoon

14 January, 2020 09:17 pm
14-01-20 09:17 pm
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The singer Sia, is a mother of a adoptiezoon, the Australian singer announced in an interview with GQ.

Sia, who is the word, in an interview with a dj, a producer, a composer and Head, with whom she has worked with rapper Labrinth is a musical trio formed. In the interview, she says that she is sexually attracted to the Head, but that’s just a little boy, had been adopted, and there was no time for a relationship.

Therefore, she sent him a message saying he can call if he’s stuck for a one-night stand. “Most of the time, and we are doing our best to do so in order to not have sex with each other and to come”, says the singer. “That’s our business, band to be able to harm it,” says she again. However, given that the singer doesn’t have time for a relationship, this seems to have been the ideal solution.