Kristel Verbeke has a lot to celebrate

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Today is the feast at the house of Thomas Verbeke. The celebrity-couple a years in the house. Daughter Nanou, celebrates its tenth anniversary, and that makes a mama, She still is a bit of an emotional one.

“About 15 years ago, in order to 15u28 you were there, Enjoy, this is a small miracle. Our whole life was turned upside down..for Hours, we have the top of your head hanging around to see your first smile, first step, first time on your game (Ok, mom, this is embarrassing, I can hear you all say:) What an adventure.. And it goes on and on, as if the teenage son or daughter, we know more and more of what you really believe in and what you stand for! I hear you like to sing, and think it’s great that you’re vlogs make, you’ll never have to share), and I’m very happy, if you’re close to me, aankruipt in the office..
I am one of your biggest fans! Thank you so much for me each and every day things to teach us about what is ” in ” – that is, it is about the world and about myself! Happy birthday, my dear Nanou,” writes the mom She is on Instagram.