Children of Willy Sommers ringing the alarm bell

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Willy Sommers explains that everything in the home controlled by his wife, Cindy. And occasionally read to his children, therefore, to sound the alarm. Luna and Luka would be happy to have their dad a little more at home. So, forgot all about it, Willy Sommers last year in the summer holidays, in between family. Fortunately, he had another four days off on their calendar, and it was a trip to Barcelona, which is scheduled to be.

But in Barcelona, if you come to Flemings at, ” explains the singer, in the Beginning, and that he must, therefore, have to pose with fans around the world. “Well, daddy, now, there are no photos of, well,” said Luka as it was back then. “You know, I can’t do anything. I’m a public figure, and I’ve never seen a picture or a signature to be denied,” said Willy Sommers, who admits of his own children, that becomes a little tricky to find.