Fiocco, after 20 years together-I Love The 90’s

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The powerful, unmistakable beat for the first two sentences – ““I’ve been waiting far too long. Let me make you completely mine” – are enough to Fiocco’s hit single ‘Afflito to introduce it to you. The Belgian dance formation witnessed in 1997 in the light of day, and was the musical mastermind of the Tienenaar, Jan Vervloet, who works as a dj and producer, also said it was in the stories of oh.a. Longer and block DHT. “In February, the original, non-singing version of “Afflito”, and that was for 10 weeks at 1 on the Belgium dance charts, and all summer long, in the official Ultratop 50, which was good for a top 5 spot. At that time, you had to go to the discos on Friday and Saturday nights, queuing to get in, because the place was filled to the brim, as well as many of the parties and (dance)party which is very popular. Ann Lomans, Anja Maesen, and Enzo Fumarola, we traveled to the Fiocco-the story there, and we went as a group, and the formula was an immediate success with the public at large,” says Jan Vervloet.

In the fall of ‘97, scored Fiocco ‘The Spirit’, and a year later picked up by a German dj, Afflito, and brought it to the protagonist as “Celebrate” by Kosmonova vs Fiocco. The song was made in Germany, but also in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is a big hit. In our own country, the Fiocco-the album “Free” was a hit, thanks to the other hit singles ‘Spread ‘The Word Around us”, and ” Straight Till The End. At a later stage, followed that up with the hits “Miss You”, ” The Music and The Crowd Was Moving, but then it faded, the light disappeared and the band in the background. “We are, at the time, were there for us, it was all 4 of them are unique,” says Ann Lomans. “Everywhere we went, we were, as an exclusive receive. Joe and Enzo’s focus was on the music, and along with a great choice, in addition to checking I am on the podiumgebeuren, with a focus on dance and costumes. Long before the era of smartphones, we were all interested in how the visual should look like. We followed up with the trends, but have developed our own “Fiocco” style which was very much appreciated by the public and the media. I remember that almost on a weekly basis on the front page of the Am, were, or that I, as a front of the cover was that of P-Magazine and the like. I believe that, at the time, all the magazines have made it even existed. It is only in retrospect that we realize how our music to the people, it was worn and even still is popular.”

“In fact, we Fiocco was never really ‘officially’ stopped, but in the world of music, and we evolved through the years, so we are at a given point in time, each in our own way, have gone”, says Jan Vervloet. “Are we still keep in touch, and I am the music continue to play, but there was no immediate reason to get together again to continue action. Only in the past few years, it has to be our sleeves to continue to draw, and I got almost every week the question is if it is still going to happen, so I’m very happy that I can now answer: on Saturday, march 21, we are, after 20 years of age, by Fiocco, at the stage of ” I love the 90’s – The party’ in the Hasselt Ethias Arena. We are looking forward really looking forward to it. For us, it’s really exciting, because it means that we can continue our steps to studying the numbers, you can freshen up, and especially take a look at how we Fiocco in the year 2020, it may drop, in the meantime, there are new generations of fans in front of the stage, which we mostly know from YouTube videos.”