Daughter Annelien Coorevits in the footsteps of her mother

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Since its launch in the year 2015, it is Transferred by Annelien Coorevits is a well-known name in the Belgian modelandschap now. Together with its partners, Wim and Hilde De Valck, built Annelien Volume of a all-around brand of with o.a. stylish clothing, jewelry, and accessories. After 9 successful collections to get Transferred again for a boost, thanks to a new partnership with the renowned Belgian agency for Fashion Club 70. By the end of 2020, putting them together in the first of Angel line of shoes in the market.

At the beginning of January to find the lovers of stylish and traditional fashion is totally their thing on the shelf, thanks to the new Angel collection. The brand stands for elegant, charming, and, especially, quality pieces. Their new partner and the Fashion Club 70 brings the collection to an even higher level of performance.
Annelien Coorevits: “at the Start of 2019 at the latest, I along with my partners, Hilde and Wim De Valck started to look for a new vendor. It was an obvious choice to go with the Fashion Club 70. Thanks to their many years of experience in the fashion know, Fashion Club 70 is really the tricks of the trade. In addition, they will share with our design concept: clothes should be stylish, comfortable and quality. The SS20 collection of a higher level than any of the previous collections. “We are very proud to present this new collection to present to our customers.”

Annelien Coorevits was from the very beginning, the creative mind behind the Angel. The SS20 collection has been designed according to her personal style. Annelien wish that every woman have her own way to shine and be beautiful.