The Russian bodyguards for Danzel

dcf6b5d34c6575057aaeb6d243a5709c - The Russian bodyguards for Danzel

Danzel was the first to squeal when Idol in 2003, but that he was later a hit single, scored, with “Pump It Up”, and he has mostly himself to blame. The 43-year-old Johan Waem, it is still hugely popular, thanks to the oorwurm. “In Poland, and in Russia, I continue to be very popular. However, I perform regularly at, in, Turkey, Switzerland, and Germany,” said the singer at All.

In Russia, it was Danzel, even with a visa valid for three years, something that is normally only for diplomats is true. But in Russia, the popularity of that Danzel has no limits. “At a certain moment in time, I was so often on tv that I would not be without bodyguards was able to to move around. The fans can be quite intrusive.”