Johnny Voners celebrates its 75th anniversary

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Johnny Voners is celebrating this year its 75th anniversary, and he does it with a variety of verjaardagsconcerten.
In addition to acting, he has a Johnny Voners have a great passion for singing, and Charles Aznavour. He’s touring until the end of 2014, with a musical project Aznavoners and, since 2018, the new musical show, “and THEN … AND THEN … VONERS !”. On the basis of that Aznavour will take Johnny Voners you to join us on a trip through his own life story from the very beginning. There is laughter, there is joy, and it is a musical gem! As with wine, it is also, Johnny is more mature with the years.
Accompanied by a jazz combo singing Johnny Voners in the Netherlands, but also with a strong whiff of the French language.
Betty Mellaerts, Sabien Tiels, Johnny himself, and his daughter, Els hertaalden a few Aznavour-chansons.
A captivating tribute to this icon of French song, by Johnny Voneres on a Sunday afternoon, the 9th of February, brought in to the minard theatre in Ghent. In march he will have the same performance five times in the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp, belgium.
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