Daphne Paelinck is on the Omajacht

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For over ten years, The guinea pigs family theatre. Since the beginning of the season, they do so at their own theatre in the centre lane in Antwerp, belgium. They are there for a small, intimate, performances in which each child will be involved in the story.
The dining room is in the centre lane of 78 seats, making everyone with a nose on the events there. Some of the stories that are brought, are characterized by simplicity and originality. With a minimum amount of resources is limited to a maximum of imagination to the kids in the show, remixes, and play them often, even with it in the future.
As you can from the 15th of February, along with Daphne Paelinck (at Home, at The Elfenheuvel), and Ken Verdoodt (Amika) to Omajacht.

Omajacht is a true story about the good old days. Fee do not a grandmother, but, according to her best friend, everyone has one. So, they could have hidden… Along with the audience, they will go on an immersive quest filled with music, bits and pieces of the past. They are discovering old things that are very strange, it used to be super helpful was. And they will come to know why older people sometimes have some strange habits, which turn out to be and most importantly that everyone has a grandma that she is!